New Website!

Dated: 06 Apr 2020

We have redesigned and placed simplified information in our website for client. In the process, we tried to make it simple and short since patients are coming from various background and different countries around the world.


Dated: 1 Jun 2019

Lyposuction is non-invasive and excellent procedure to reduce fat from any part of the body. It reduces risks of major surgery. In Laser Chain & Skin Centre, we have been delivering quality Lyposuction services.

Hair transplant!

Dated: 22 Feb 2017

Hair transplant are real and possible in Bangladesh for several years now. We are ready with our best services and by the one of the best hair transplant team in Bangladesh. Our after procedure resulst are outstanding and benchmark are at the highest level so far.

Natural Fat (Lypo-fat) Transplant!

Dated: 16 Jan 2020

Our doctors are now started implementing own and natural fat to patients rather artificial. It stays for long and suits better without any side effects. For example, anti-aging, breast filling and such works are now more simplified and coming into more perfection.